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2300 Pernik, "Raiko Daskalov" No 4 Str.

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Pernik is situated along the upper course of Struma river. The climate in the region is temperate-continental. The soils are mainly alluvial-meadow. The town is 30 km far from the capital Sofia at the main cross-road Sofia-Thessaloniki-Skopje. It occupies an area of 2390.5 sqkm, representing 2.1% from the country's territory. In administrative aspect the region has 171 populated settlements, including 6 towns and 164 villages, distributed in six territorial municipal administrations: Pernik, Radomir, Breznik, Zemen, Trun and Kovatchevtzy.


The density of population is 68 people per sqkm at an average 76 people for the country. The population of the region is 156 561 people, from which 76 893 men and 79 668 women, differetiated in 60 183 households. Mostly, the population 74.1% lives in the towns. From the total number of population 24 935 or 15.9% are bellow the active age, 87 569 or 55.9% are in active age and 44 057 or 28.2% are over the active age.


Pernik is located at one of the oldest trade roads on the Balkan Peninsula, which is the shortest way from the Danube to the Aegean region. The railroads Sofia-Blagoevgrad-Petrich, Sofia-Kjustendil-Gjueshevo, Sofia-Volujak-Pernik as well as the E-79 highway have crucial economic importance for the region.


In economy, all brances of the material production are practiced, as a leading role has the iron and steel metallurgy- 46.5% from the total sales of industrial products, power and thermal energy - 15.1%, machine-building and metalworking industry -12.8% etc. In the region's territory variety of productions are creating. Here coal are mined, different steel profiles, universal technics, weak current transformers, electronic elements-magnets and ferrite, different kinds of glass and cement are produced. The production of ready-to-wear cloths and different types knitted goods is practiced. In the town of Pernik is the only plant in the Balkan Peninsula for production of pectin, parallelly in production of fruit concentrate , pasteurized juices and nectars.


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