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  1. BG 9915 – 01 – 031. “Project for employment stimulation by appropriating an unusable municipal building and encouraging entrepreneurship – Business Incubator”.
    Project Goal: reconstruction of unused municipal building and establishment of a business incubator
    Location: Pernik Municipality.
    Outcomes: Within the Project 24 people have been trained in entrepreneurial skills. Conditions are created for accommodating 10 small-scale companies dealing in production and services. The incubator disposes of a conference hall and computer room.
    Role: Leading Organization
    Partners: Univercity of national and world economy – Sofia, “Dimel” Ltd.
    Project Costs: Project’s total amount is EUR 197 140 incl the grant in amount of EUR 161 556
    Project Duration: 10 months.
    Funding Organization: EU PHARE Program –SMAEP Project.
  2. “Landscaping and greenbelt setting of space between residential blocks-, “Daratsite” quarter, pl.267-downtown Pernik “.
    Project Goal: Improving the communication along the line “NGOs – local authorities – citizens – business; bettering the living environment; formation of active civil attitudes.
    Location: Pernik Municipality.
    Outcomes: Well-developed city site, playground, benches and waste-bins, planted decorative trees and bushes. Stimulating civil participation and commitment in resolving environment problems.
    Role: Leading organization
    Partners: Pernik Municipality and "Rutan -MBI" Ltd.
    Project Costs: BGN 39 876,32; Size of the grant from Foundation for Local Government Reform – 18 000 BGN
    Project Duration: 4 months.(June – October 2002)
    Funding Organization: The USA Agency of International Development /USAID/ finances the project with BGN 18 000 through the Local Self-Governance Reform Foundation /LSGRF/. The rest of the resources are provided by the Pernik Municipality, “Rutan MBI” Ltd and the inhabitants of the residential area /in the form of voluntary work/.
  3. “Women in Business”:
    Project Goal: stimulation and development of the entrepreneurial spirit among unemployed women by way of training and preparation of business projects.
    Location: Pernik Municipality.
    Outcomes: 45 unemployed women formerly working in the mining and steel industry have been trained. 30 of them graduated the course with fully-developed business plans.
    Role: RBC together with “Rodina 2000” Foundation and the Entrepreneurship Development Centre at the University of National and World Economy - Sofia;
    Project Duration: 8 months (till August 2002)
    Funding Organization: EU PHARE Program –SMAEP Project.
  4. “Vocational training and encouraging entrepreneurship in the Pernik region”
    Project Goal: Acquisition of new perspective skills by re-qualification of nemployed.
    Location: Pazardjik Municipality.
    Outcomes: 70 persons were re-qualified in profession related to construction as well as in welding, computer literacy and Auto CAD. In result of the cooperation between RBC - Pernik and actual employers 100% of the re-qualified unemployed could be realized on the labour market.
    Role: A Partner, together with the Bulgarian-German Centre for Vocational Training, Pazrdjik.
    Project Costs: EUR 50 000
    Funding Organization: EU PHARE Program.
  5. “BG 9915 – 01 – 038. “Steady environment for supporting the development of SMEs in the Pernik region by active incorporation of unemployed in vocational training and entrepreneurial practices”
    Project Goal: Acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and free-lance jobs performance; realization of business projects by means of specialized training.
    Location: Pernik Municipality.
    Outcomes: 75 unemployed were trained under the project – 60 entrepreneurs and 15 consultants of small and medium-size enterprises.
    Role: A partner together with “Hiron Management Consulting” Ltd, “Science” Foundation and Association “Civil Dialogue”.
    Project Costs: EUR 68 966
    Project Duration: 8 months (till September 2002)
    Funding Organization: EU PHARE Program – SMAEP Project; grant amount - EUR 59 533.
  6. “Growing opportunities for accelerated growth of SMEs in Bulgaria”.
    Project Goal: expanding the competitiveness of SMEs by direct access to consultations and training according to the particular needs of the companies.
    Location: Pernik Municipality.
    Outcomes: Consultations, seminars and training intended for SMEs took place; office- equipment was delivered (PCs, fax; copying machine);
    Role: Beneficiary of project realized by the SMEs Agency and the Bulgarian Association for Regional Development BARDA.
  7. “Counteraction to corruption in local governance-anticorruption practices on the territory of Pernik District”
    Project Goal: improving the public, administrative and legal environment in the process of interaction between administration, civil community and business on local and regional level.
    Location: Municipalities: Pernik, Tran, Breznik, Zemen, Radomir and Kovachevtsi.
    Outcomes: A report for the results from the project, including proposals for anti-corruption measures in the district; 60 beneficiaries trained; educational materials prepared and distributed; a public anti-corruption council was associated.
    Role: ÏPartner. The project was realized together with an Entrepreneurship Development Foundation - Sofia
    Project Costs: BGN 14 710.
    Project Duration: 8 months (November 2002 – June 2003)
    Funding Organization: "Coalition 2000", grant amount: BGN 12 690
  8. “European dimensions to small and medium-scale enterprises – regional aspect”.
    Project Goal: introducing the local SMEs to the new forms of industrial organization in EC (clusters, industrial zones, high-technology parks, etc.); Information as to some aspects and consequences for Bulgaria in regards to its accession to the EC; encouraging small and medium-scale companies and branch organizations to actively participate in Phare 2001 – EU program for economic and social cohesion.
    Location: Municipalities: Pernik, Samokov.
    Outcomes: 60 representatives of SMEs were instructed about the EC policy concerning small-scale business; provision of informational materials; involvement of the local mass-media.
    Role: Partner. The project was realized together with an Entrepreneurship Development Foundation - Sofia
    Project Costs: 3 760 Euro.
    Project Duration: 4 months.(February – June 2003)
    Funding Organization: Delegation of the European Commission in Bulgaria

Current project: “Women’s enterpreneurship development in Bulgaria” financed by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Austria. RBC is a partner of the Foundation for Enterpreneurship Development – Sofia.
Project duration – Januari – December 2004.


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